Reed Mace (Bulrush) Workshop

This is a super exciting, new to Discover Bushcraft adventure!

Redbridge Lakes has an abundant amount of reed mace (aka Bulrush, cattails). This amazing water plant is a versatile and lovely material to weave with, as well as providing fire lighting material in its seed heads and parts of it are even edible.

We’ll start the day with an introduction to the plant and some examples of its uses. We will then get ready to harvest. It will mean being on the water on a small vessel or even full-on wading. The plants are huge and cumbersome with leaves up to 7ft. so it is quite physical. However, it is enormously rewarding to harvest materials the way people have been for thousands of years.

You will be able to take away your own bushel and I will show you how to dry and re-hydrate your reeds for basketry.

This day is only a nominal charge of £10 because as well as learning about this plant and experiencing the process you will be helping Discover Bushcraft harvest a year’s supply of reed mace. It will be a busy day!


Sunday 24th August 2024 at Redbridge Lakes – Click to Book

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