Primitive Fire Lighting

We are delighted to offer this wonderful full day workshop with guest instructor Billy Souter of Primitive Living. Billy is quickly gaining an excellent reputation within the bushcraft world as a knowledgeable and talented craftsman and instructor – we’re very fortunate to have booked him in!

Students will learn how to create fire via percussion, and by friction using different ignition sources with various natural tinder including fungi and charred material. Observational skills will be a key focus when it comes to walking through the landscape and knowing where you might find quality material for tinder bundles. One of the oldest methods of ignition used by our ancestors, Flint, and Iron Pyrite will be used by students to create an established fire.

Part of the day will be dedicated to gathering and processing tinder fungi to create a fantastic fire lighting material known as amadou. Other variants of suitable fungi and tinder will also be gathered, discussed, and processed.


Bring: Packed lunch, weather appropriate clothing. We will provide teas, coffee and biscuits.

This workshop is appropriate for beginners and those seeking a refresher. (aged 18yrs+)

If you are also attending Flint Knapping on 25th October 2024 then it is possible to camp overnight at our woods. Please ask for details.


£65 per person including VAT. All places must be pre-booked at least 48 hours before the date of the activity.


Saturday 26th October 2024 at Thaxted – Click to Book

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