Grass Coil Basket Workshop

I’ve truly fallen in love with this form of basketry. Come and discover the amazing qualities of local, wild grasses and see how readily they can be crafted into sturdy attractive baskets.

Join me in one of our beautiful locations and spend the day making your own grass coil basket. All materials and equipment will be provided. I will share with you which grasses are good to harvest yourself (honestly this is one accessible material) and how to store and prepare grasses for your future basket making.

Grass coil basketry is one of the oldest and most universally used skills, cultures across the prehistoric world used grasses to make all manner of useful materials, including clothing, ropes, baskets and roofs for example. They were also a key source of food, their seeds rich in nutrients and starch, valuable calories. I expect most of us still do eat grass seeds most days – in the form of flour, one of the most versatile and useful foodstuffs. I promise, you will never look at a verge of long wavy grasses in the same way again.

The course is suitable for beginners, no previous experience needed.


Thaxted Workshops – £50 per person including VAT.

Redbdridge Lakes Workshps – £60 per person including VAT.

Workshop duration is six hours.

Drinks provided. Please bring a packed lunch.


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