Timmy Tickle

Timmy Tickle Children's EntertainerHelen’s little brother is children’s entertainer Mr. Timmy Tickle!

If you are looking to hire a Children’s Entertainer whether its a Kids Birthday Party, Christmas party, wedding, summer fete or any special events where you would like children entertained then speak to Mr Tickle, he has performed at hundreds of children’s parties in and around Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, North London and Hertfordshire.

Childrens Birthday Parties

Timmy’s children’s parties are based on laughter and fun! You will see your child laugh from their bellies!

From the start Timmy’s birthday parties involves the children making it very interactive. We do magic but unfortunately Timmy is not very good at magic so it all goes wrong! But with the help of the children and some magic dust we try again only to find out that Timmy has used his squeaking dust, so every time he touches someone’s nose it squeaks! In fact through out the show things go wrong from wands breaking to new ones appearing, general slap stick and clowning around with Timmy falling off chairs through puppet shows and much more.

There is lots of fun, from the kids drawing pictures that come to life, to some very badly singing puppets. Everyone of all ages finds it fun.

To find out more about the services provided visit https://timmytickle.co.uk/