Holiday Club

Go Wild for Discover Bushcraft Holiday Club!

Discover Bushcraft Holiday Club is one of the best ways to hang out during school holidays.  For children aged 3+ we provide a range of activities and sessions for children and young people.

Discover Forest School for children aged 3-6 years.
Based at the Westwood Montessori we will have a great time exploring, discovering, creating, and learning. We will have full use of the Montessori facilities, outdoor space, and Westwood itself. Let your young ones become wood elves for the week.
Led by Danny, everyone’s favourite Forest School leader, and supported by Westwood Montessori staff we will provide oodles of outdoor fun. We will introduce them to campfires, shelter building, nature-based games and crafts, treasure hunts, and much more. We will have shelter from the rain and easy pick-up and drop-off points.
Discover Bushcraft for children aged 7-14 years.
Based at the wonderful Westwood just outside Thaxted we are planning a summer of bushcraft joy. As well as usual activities such as fire lighting, shelter building, tracking, cooking and wide games we will also explore other aspects of bushcraft such as how to collect water, natural navigation, pioneering, woodcraft trails, building projects, and did I say hammocks?
Led by 2 experienced Discover Bushcraft Instructors and small groups of 10 we can be flexible to deliver age and ability appropriate activities. We will have full use of the Westwood Montessori facilities should we need them, and cover from the weather in the woods.
Discover Bushcraft Teens for children aged 12 years and above.
We love working with teens, we wanted to make sure we created some space just for them. Based at the wonderful Westwood just outside Thaxted we will have a day of bushcraft skills that will include knife work, fires, cooking skills, and crafts that will encourage their bushcraft knowledge and confidence to grow. We will also have hammocks of course.
Holiday club costs £50 per child per day. However, a package deal of 5 sessions for £225 is available. The package deal can be accessed from our booking home page under the tab ‘packages’. When you select the package that you would like to purchase, you will be directed to pay for that package and create an account that the package is affiliated. When you pay for the package, the number of the particular sessions included within the package gets credited to your account. Then you can go through the booking page to book each session individually and pay via your credits from the package that you’ve already purchased.