Bushcraft for Children

Children love bushcraft, we love teaching children bushcraft, it’s a win-win situation.  There is something for everyone in bushcraft.  Some children love to get muddy, others don’t, some love to learn a craft like weaving, others want to see what bugs live under the log, most are quite keen on lighting a fire and cooking something tasty. There are skills and activities to suit all children and young people. All Discover Bushcraft sessions are tailored to be age and ability appropriate and focus on the interests of the child / young person.

Bushcraft can be a great tool to get children and young people more engaged with nature and the outdoors.  Even the most dedicated gamers are happy to spend an hour or so in the woods, away from their screens if they are learning how to light a fire or whittle their own bow and arrow.

We think Discover Bushcraft sessions are best for children aged 7+ years.  If your children are younger perhaps one of our family sessions might be good?