Adult Weekend Camp

An Introduction to Bushcraft

This course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to key bushcraft skills.  Set in a small beautiful woodland in North Essex we will wild camp, cook our meals on a wood fire and cover the following topics:

  • Fire – various heat sources, tinder materials, and fire lay. Includes using a bow drill to create fire by friction.
  • Knife work – includes knife safety and different techniques, you will have a chance to complete a simple project.
  • Cordage making using brambles
  • Shelters – debris versus tarp – pros and cons.
  • Nature walk to identify flora and fauna and introduce tracking.

Cost £175 per person, includes all tools and equipment, we can provide a hammock and tarp if you wish, hot/cold drinks, and snacks.  We will provide a vegan lunch and supper base, you are welcome to bring along additional ingredients to add to your pot.

You will bring your tent (if not using a hammock) and breakfasts.  You will be welcome to use the camp’s fire and equipment to cook breakfast or bring along your own small stove.

Dates of courses:

31st July – 2nd August (Saturday 9.30 am – Monday 3.30 pm)

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